Why Choose Us

1. Custom Bobbleheads - Free proof until satisfaction.
We always offer the sample proofing service for free, just in order to ensure the highest likeness and satisfactory from you guys. During the proofing process, you can put whatever occur to your mind into the creation of your bobble head along with our sculptors, there will have no limitation in communication and modification, until you satisfy.

2. Custom Bobbleheads - Premium Quality Custom Bobbleheads.
Our product material is environmental clay, very flexible, the color on the bobblehead is the clay material color itself. after baked,the bobblehead will has some resilience,very durable,not easy broken even fall down on the floor. Our artists have more than ten years of work experience. Furthermore, we self-impose the highest industry standards for quality control and quality assurance procedures.

3. Custom Bobbleheads - Best Price Guarantee.
Our website simply list the price you need to pay for a personalised bobble head and would be all for that. There is no covert additional fee for the bobble head.

4. Custom Bobbleheads - Top Notch Customer Service.
You can contact us by email or online customer service, you can communicate with us very well without any obstacles.

5. Custom Bobbleheads - Free Add-ons & Free Base Color Selection.
All of our body models, change bobblehead pose and outfit are for free. if you need any change on your bobblehead, please tell us your request, we would custom the bobblehead as per your request. this is the difference between us and other suppliers.

6. Custom Bobbleheads - Money Back Guarantee.
We can accept a full refund service within 48 hours, and if it exceeds 48 hours, we will charge a small material fee according to the order.(Excludes rush orders).

7. Custom Bobbleheads - Fastest Delivery.
You could receive your custom bobbleheads in as little as 5 business days. Be assured that even with rush orders, the premium quality assurances are maintained. Please take particular care during checkout to select the appropriate delivery options. If you require an extremely fast turnaround time, we have the exact shipping methods and custom options to deliver your doll to you quickly!

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