Design Your Doll


We Can Create Any Style Bobblehead

If you can not find the suitable model,There are two ways to place orders.

The First Method

you can send the custom information to us, we would custom the bobbleheads according to your topic, you only need to offer the below information to us, we would send a order to you according to your order production technology difficulty(You Can Pay With Your Credit Card Or PayPal), we would start to make your bobblehead after we received your payment.

Process: Send the information to our email( ) >>>> Confirm the price and send the order to you>>>> You pay for the order, we start to custom your order

The required information: (We would reply you within 12 hours)

1.Provide us with clear pictures( It's so great if you could provide "front view, side view, full body view, background")
2.The accessories and additional details which need to add to the bobblehead 
3.The background and the text and pictures that you need to add to the bobblehead
4.How long do you want to receive the bobblehead?
   Shipping methods (single bobbleheads),add dolls will occur extra shipping costs 

(1.) Receive it within 24 days and Free Shipping Order >$90
(2.) Receive it within 21 days and costs $9.9 
(3.) Receive it within 15 days and costs $29.9
(4.) Receive it within 10 days and costs $39.9
(5.) Receive it within 5 - 7 days and costs $59.9

5.Bobbleheads Size(6.5 inch,7.7 inch, 9.6 inch, 12 inch ,14 inch ,16 inch)

The Second Method : Click" Head to Toe Custom " to Order

Choose a generic template and describe to us what you want(You can design the pose, the outfit, and the colors of your full body custom bobblehead. Our skilled artist will create and absolutely amazing and unique work of are based on your description or your photos.).Click to order, describe in detail what you need, or submit photo of the person and setting you'd like to memorialize.

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