Below are the most frequently questions customers will ask , and if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. 
We will reply in a few hours,contact email: info@abobblehead.com

1.How long does the production and shipping time takes?

Standard order Sculpting and Delivery   (Total need 2-4 Weeks,Free Proof)

Normal order Sculpting and Delivery (Total need 15 Day, Free Proof)

Rush order Sculpting and Delivery (Total need 10 Days, Free Proof)

Very rush order Sculpting and Delivery (Total need 3-6 Days,  No Proof)

In most cases we can deliver your bobbleheads according to the time frame you seleted. We send photos to you during production for approval, if any delays in receipt of approval of the proof or changes to the proof are requested, additional time may be needed to complete the job. 

2.How long can I receive the bobble head after I place the order?
Answer: Making proof time:

Normal order need 4-7 workdays
rush order need 1-3 workdays

We would send the proof to your email when it finished,please kindly check your email and give us the feedback on time, so that your bobblehead can be finished before the appointed time.

3.Expect paypal , what other payment method we would accept?
Answer: Expect paypal, you can pay via credit card.

4. Size of Bobbleheads?
Answer: The standard size is 6.5-7.7 inch. All the heads and bodies are 100% handmade, so maybe the size will 
You can choose the size, size can be customized, the highest we can make is 16 inch.
If you need the shorter or higher size, please contact us.

5. The weight if the bobble heads
Answer: The bobblehead weight is depend on the doll style: single doll or couple dolls, or doll with a car or pet or other background, all these will make the weight different.
6.5-7.5inch single doll N.W-350G, W.G-0.5KG (single doll), Couple doll G.W-1KG.

6. If i can not choose the correct skin color/hair color, what should i do?
Answer: No worry.you can choose the similar color and then leave the message about the color on the comment box. Artist will make your bobblehead hair/eyes color according to your statement and picture.

7. If the photo can not upload,what should i do?
Answer: In this case, you can send the photo to this email directly.

8. How many photo i should send?
Answer: One front view and a side view that would be good. If you do not many photos, you can only send the front view.

9. If i order more than 1 doll, and can not upload all the photos through website, what should i do?
Answer: Please send the photos (please named the name with their name or number) to this email directly,We would manage your order.

10. There are some special requestment need to be changed on my order.
Answer: If you have any special idea on your order, please write on the comment box before you pay for the order. If the order paid, but you still want to make some changes on your bobblehead, please send email to us.
All clothing color and pose can be changed within 10-15 hours (before we send the proof to you) after you place your order.

11. If none of the model i like, how can i choose?
Answer: Changing clothing and pose free of charge. If you can choose the body pose, but do not like the clothing, you can choose the similar one and then write the changing request on the comment box, we would make the bobblehead according to your request.
You also can choose custom from head to toe from production list.

12.Can i change the small accessories on the model?
Answer: The small accessories on the bobblehead’s hand can be changed, free of charge, you need to leave the message or send the picture to the email.

13.What is decal?
Answer: If you need to add text or logo or tattoo on the bobblehead, we would print the text or logo or tattoo, and then decal on the bobblehead, so if you need to add this details, please send the pictures or text to us before the bobblehead finished.

14.What is the difference between "Custom Based Photo" and "Custom Option"?
"Custom Based Photo" is a quick customization option, we will customize it according to the character of the photos you provide (such as the character's eye color, hair color, etc.)

"Custom Option" requires you to select character features and add related accessories (our sculptor can know more clearly what you want)

15.Additional fees for Add Scene Or Accessories?

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