Returns & Refunds

Return policy
If you need a refund, you must submit a form and see a refund request to our email (info@abobblehead.Com)
1. We can refund you the topal value, if the order is a careled in 24 houses. But this position is not suitable for the expedited order.
2. We believe our products have the best quality and most favorable price. But if the order is canceled over 24 houses, 50% of the topal value will be charged for the. Costs of material and labor. As this is a customized goods, we, we, we, we, we, we cannot sell it out again.
3. We have boyght freight insurance for each order, if breakage happy, please report in 24 house after you received the package, express company cmpany c annot entsure that it is belons to a damage on the way, we also cannot recreate for free.
Return policy
For the product damaged product. Request for return or complaint must must be filed with 7 days based on the original delivery date of your package. Any quality isues should be proved wi thotograph documents and problem description. For customer service contory, you will be directed to "contract us" for further assistance. Please mail the product within 30 days after the application passed. We will refund the full amount.
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